PRJEB6178 - Acorn Development (normalized)

ERS445605fruitNot setThis biomaterial: ERS445605, was created for the analysis: PRJEB6178 - Acorn Development (normalized)
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Miguel A, de Vega-Bartol J, Marum L, Chaves I, Santo T, Leitão J, Varela MC, Miguel CM. Characterization of the cork oak transcriptome dynamics during acorn development.. BMC plant biology. 2015 Jun 25; 15:158.
PRJEB6178 - Acorn Development (normalized)

"In this study, the transcriptome of the cork oak acorn, including the seed, was characterized in five stages of development, from early development to acorn maturation, to identify the dominant processes in each stage and reveal transcripts with important functions in gene expression regulation and response to water."

FASTQ files were obtained from the NCBI database using the SRAtoolkit-2.9.4. Tags were removed using TagCleaner-0.16 and high quality reads were filtered using Trimmomatic-0.38. Mapping to the reference genome of Q.suber (NCBI Sequence Read Archive SRP111728 (2017)) was performed using Gmap-2018-07-04 and gene expression in TPM (transcripts per million) was calculated using the counts obtained from featureCounts included in SubRead-v1.6.3.

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PRJEB6178 - Acorn Development (normalized)
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GMAP-2018-07-04, SRAtoolkit-2.9.4, SubRead-v1.6.3, TagCleaner-0.16, Trimmomatic-0.38
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: PRJEB6178
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